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Comments for Zen of Fish

The Zen of the FishZen of Fish: 07/05/08

I had planned to read The Zen of Fish by Trevor Corson for the Spring Reading Thing but here it is summer, so I didn't quite make that deadline. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will probably be giving copies of it as presents to my fellow sushi lovers.

Trevor Corson spent three months with the last class of the California Sushi Academy before it was force to shut down temporarily due to budget problems. His chosen protagonist is a woman named Kate who for a number of reasons would appear to be the least likely person to become a sushi chef. Corson shows why she is probably the forerunner of what may become the typical American sushi chef: someone trained in the traditions of sushi but born into American culture and willing an able to train American customers to be better sushi connoisseurs.

As Kate and her classmates learn different pieces of sushi making, Corson fills in the blanks with fascinating discussions of history, biology and culture and so forth. Besides coming away with a tremendous craving for nigiri and sashimi, I learned a ton about both, including the proper way of enjoying both.

To learn more about the Trevor Corson, check out his website.

Read the reviews at Counter Intelligence, Mouthing Off, Foodinista, Jeffrey Tastes, NakedSushi.

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Comment #1: Monday, July, 7, 2008 at 20:11:51


Ooh, I have to read this book! My husband has been introducing me to eating sushi, and I would love to know more about it."

Comment #2:Monday, July, 7, 2008 at 15:14:25


It's a fantastic book. Go get a copy now!"