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My Kind of Mystery Reading Challenge 2017 February - January 2017-8

November 2017 Sources: 12/02/17

November 2017 Sources

November was divided into two parts. The first part was the final move out of the apartment. Although we've been living in our house since the start of October, we had until November 13th to turn over the keys to the leasing office. That meant schlepping last minute items, and cleaning. The second half was the sign of relief — of finally not having to move. It was also Thanksgiving (one and two as we had one for just ourselves, and then a second one a week later for relatives who couldn't make it on the actual holiday).

ROOB score for the last three years

In the middle of all of that was reading for the Cybils — which skewed my ROOB score upwards between books from the library and books I purchased to read the event. The rules for panelists and judges is that we aren't expected to purchase anything; in fact we're encouraged to read as many as we can from the library. The books I purchased happened to be ones already on my wishlist. Their inclusion on the long list just motivated the timing of my purchases.


My November ROOB score was about where it usually is. My worst November since tracking the metric of owned, new, review and library books, was 2013. Most years though fall within the range of just about -2. As library books are each given a score of -2 and November is the month where they dominate my reading, typically, it makes sense that the score would usually come out close to that number.


The ROOB average for all Novembers taken together has risen slightly to -2.13 from -2.15. It's a reflection of the higher number than average new books I bought and last month.

December is the final Cybils crunch. Most of the books are read. Now we're scrutinizing each other's wishlists and trying to come to a consensus before Christmas. Our shortlists will be announced on January 1st. It means again more library books and more reading overall.

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