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My Kind of Mystery Reading Challenge 2017 February - January 2017-8

November 2017 Summary: 12/02/17

Inclusive reading report

November was the quietest month we've had this year. Midway through we turned in the keys to the apartment we had rented as a stopgap between selling the condo and buying the house. The move is done. We still need to furnish the house — as we've moved into a place that's twice the size of the condo we had lived in for the last thirteen years.

With the Cybils in full swing, much of my reading in November was focused on middle grade fiction published between October 2016 and September 2017. In previous years the entirety of my November reading has been for the Cybils. This year, I was able to include some reading from my own wishlist.

The previous November I finished thirty-one books. This November I finished only twenty-six. That reflects the first week where I was still spending most of my time getting the apartment ready to handover to the leasing office. I primarily listened to audiobooks while cleaning, and those take more time to read than the printed ones.

Another slow down in my reading was time spent participating in NANOWRIMO. I finished a couple days early, although plot-wise, the story is about a quarter finished. With a sustained slowing of my reading, my review buffer is basically dried up. By spring, I'll be running in place, a blogging position I haven't been in for more than a decade.

November was the fifth month in a row where diverse / inclusive books made up the majority of my reading. On the reviewing side, those diverse books are making their way into my reviews. November's reviews reached the fifty-fifty mark with fifteen reviews being of diverse books.

December will be filled with the last of the Cybils reading for the first two or three weeks. The remainder will be of books I purchased in 2017 and haven't gotten to. After five months of reading diversely, I'm fairly certain I will continue doing so. Reviews will primarily be remaining books published this year that I haven't managed to review yet.

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