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The Final Kingdom: 02/05/18

The Final Kingdom by Michael Northrop

The Final Kingdom by Michael Northrop is the conclusion to the TombQuest series. Alex and Ren are back in Egypt for the final show down. Things are pretty desperate with the The Order turning themselves into Death Walkers and stone warriors. Alex also has to contend with the fact that he's the rope in a tug of war between his mother and father.

For the most part, I was glad to see the series come to a conclusion. It started to lose it's momentum in book four, The Stone Warriors. I kept reading because I knew I only had one volume left and I wanted to see what happened to Alex.

Alex, recall from the first novel, was brought back from the dead by ancient Egyptian magic. The magic set everything else into motion. Throughout the series it was hinted that he would have to die to undo everything.

This final volume, as the title implies, offers a different interpretation to the solution. I have to admit, too, that I didn't see this creative solution. Thirty years ago, when I was obsessed with late eighteenth dynasty Egypt, I would have seen the solution. I would have seen it from the very first book. But it's been decades and interests change. The solution is surreal but in keeping with the mythology.

Three stars

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Comment #1: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 22:05:53


I liked the look of this cover. Too bad you weren't thrilled with the ending. Thanks for sharing.

Comment #2: Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 20:59:00


I liked the ending — the creative work around the corner I thought the plot had painted itself in. It just had a little extra work to do from the fourth volume which was actually disappointing.