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January 2018 Sources: 02/03/18

Inclusive reading report

January started with the kids still on vacation as well as my husband. He took an extra week off after they went back to school. Combine that with another bout of flu and a cold, I spent a lot of time home. Somehow, though, I managed to read a lot. Nearly a book a day.

ROOB Score for the last three years

With five new books all purchased and read in January, my score was higher than December. December, as you'll recall was already higher than most months because of the Cybils. Looking though at previous January scores I can see that January is usually one of the highest months.

ROOB score mapped year after year to compare trends

Looking at all previous years, January 2018 is the second highest ROOB score, just behind January 2016. January 2015 which appears to be the lowest on the first graph is actually the third highest. All January scores prior to that year were lower (and represent years when I was a Cybils judge, meaning I was reading in January and February).

ROOB monthly averages

Another high January score meant an overall increase in the January average. Prior to this January it was -2.47 and now it is -2.37.

As I am continuing with my goal of reading and reviewing one newly published book each week, I am looking at four new books in February. I expect to see each monthly average increase.

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