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January 2018 Summary: 02/02/18

Inclusive reading report

January was completely free to read what I want. I've started off the year by continuing with the daily themed posts and with my commitment to read and review one newly published book each week.

The ice storms back east made my first week of January tricky. Books I had pre-ordered didn't make it to my local book store because the warehouse had to close early and obviously packages were't making it across the country as quickly. So I had to shift around my schedule a little and rely on ebooks.

January marked the seventh month in a row that I've read more inclusive books than not. The books were drawn evenly between ones I purchased and ones I've borrowed from the library. Some of the titles were Cybils books that I went back for a more closer read now that the short list has been finalized.

January's reviews were almost but not quiet fifty-fifty inclusive and not. As I'm also working more diligently on my backlog of reviews, the short fall reflects older reading when I was less concerned with curating what I reviewed.

February continues with the goal to work through those older reviews. Sundays are my day for posting the oldest ones then. Later I will devote Sunday reviews to posting recent reviews of older books I've read off my wishlist.

At the start of January I had twenty-three reviews from 2015 I wanted to post. That's now down to twelve. I shaved one review off the list from 2016, bringing me to sixty-four. I was more successful with my 2017 reviews, brining that number down to sixty-eight. Of course now, I'm building up a list of 2018 reviews that need posting. From January's thirty books read, I still have nineteen reviews I want to post.

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