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Dragons Beware!: 03/08/18

Dragons Beware!

Dragons Beware! by Jorge Aguirre is the second of the Chronicles of Claudette middle grade fantasy graphic novel series. The kingdom is under attack by Gromach, an evil sorcerer. Claudette's father and all the other heroes and warriors set out to save the kingdom but it means extreme danger and almost certain death.

Claudette, her brother, and the princess have a different solution — one involving dragons. If they can get the biggest dragon to cough up the magic repelling sword it swallowed years ago, they can use it against Gromach.

This second volume expands the characters introduced previous. Claudette's father, though in a wheelchair from losing his legs in battle, is still willing and able to go to war to save the kingdom and keep his children safe. Claudette's brother who loves to cook is trying to learn how to be warrior or a wizard because he believes that's what's expected of him because he's a boy. Claudette is as brave and impulsive as ever, but she's also

The idea that dragons might be more than just fire breathing, virgin eating, winged lizards isn't a new one but it's always a story I enjoy reading. Dragons Beware! pairs well with its contemporary, Dragon Girl by Jeff Weigel.

The newest installment is Monsters Beware! which comes out March 13th.

Five stars

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