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2 stars: OK
1 star: Did not finish

A Side of Sabotage: 03/07/18

A Side of Sabotage

A Side of Sabotage by C.M. Surrisi is the third of the Quinnie Boyd mysteries set in Maiden Rock, Maine. Quinnie's best friend has come back from Scotland but her boyfriend is moving to New Jersey! Meanwhile, a new restaurant has opened and now it and Gusty's are going head to head in a two week competition.


But then weird things start to happen. They seem to be absentminded accidents — the wrong soap being used, the walk in fridge temperature being bumped up. Quinnie and her friends, though, are convinced it's sabotage. They're on the case and doing what they do best: stakeouts.

Quinnie and her friends are noticeably more mature than where they were at the start of the series. That said, their approach to the mystery is more coherent and more importantly, the adults in their lives take their observations more seriously.

With and older ensemble of characters and a more established sense of Maiden Rock and it's residents, A Side of Sabotage reads the most like a mystery of the tree. That said, who the culprit is might be obvious to regular readers of mysteries. (They were to me, though the motive took longer to establish). Regardless, it was a delightful weekend read and I will definitely continue to follow the series should more be published.

Five stars

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