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July 2018 Summary: 08/01/18

Reading report

For the first half of July we were on an extended road trip through California. When I travel, I don't read much. My time is spent traveling, driving, and taking photographs. My schedule continues to slip from what I had initially mapped out for myself but I'm aware of the situation and have stopped stressing over it.

With the traveling, I read only twenty-one books, about ten shy of what I otherwise would have read. That said, I did manage to read two books released in July, along with a bunch of releases from previous months this year.

With the road narrative project now focused, I redid the page where I post the reviews read for it. Freeing myself up from an optimistically generated schedule last December gave me the time to go back and enjoy what I was reading. It also gave me more time to focus on my road narrative project. In that regard, I made some incredible leaps forward, finally settling on a way of organizing and cataloging the books I'm reading. Now I have a concrete framework that I can use to focus my research which is a huge improvement from the "read everything and see what sticks" method I started with.

I currently have fifteen books checked out and will be returning a bunch later this week. Two of the books out are interlibrary loans and don't come with renewals. They are on my must read list for August. I also have seven newly released books to read.

July's reading was lower than June's because of the road trip. I did, however manage to meet my goal of having at least 50% of my books be by Writers of Color, Native, or from other countries. Eleven books counted towards that goal and ten did not.

July's reviews also met the goal with seventeen of thirty-one books counting towards the goal. I read nine newly released books, two of which were released in July. I reviewed six newly published books in July.

At the start of July forty reviews from 2016 to post; I'm now down to thirty-five . My 2017 thirty-four to twenty-nine. My 2018 reviews dropped from eighty-five to seventy-six.

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