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August 2018 Sources: 09/02/18

September book sources

August was similar in mixture to July. I read an equal number of purchased books as library books. None of the purchased books were from August, meaning that my ROOB score didn't have any positive hits.

ROOB Score for the last three years

In terms of numbers read, I had another light month. I read one more than I did in July (twenty-two). As there were no new (some month) purchases, my ROOB score dropped to -3.41, which is back to where I was in June. August 2018 was my lowest (meaning best) ROOB score ever.

The trend line has begun to dip towards the negative again after months of being nearly flat.

ROOB score mapped year after year to compare trends

Looking at all previous years, September 2018 is the second lowest (meaning best) month for reading from the to-be-read pile.

ROOB monthly averages

Since I didn't read any of the books purchased in September, my average for September dropped from -2.46 to -2.56.

In September I hope to read through more of the books I've bought this year.

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