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Runaways: Battleworld: 09/13/18

Runaways: Battleworld

Runaways: Battleworld by Noelle Stevenson collects issues 1 - 4 of the Battleworld plot. I read it to maybe get some insight into the series Rainbow Rowell is currently writing. Silly me. Marvel doesn't work that way.

Anywhoo.... In this version of things, there's a battle world with different themed areas. Personally I think of it as Planet Acca (but that's because I watch more anime than I do read Marvel comics). Kids with superpowers (dare I say, mutants?) have been collected to attend a special school.

But come on, it's clearly run by space Nazis. And gasp, the kids are tricked into fighting each other to the death until the elite (survivors) are in the senior class. But our heroes, the Runaways, are smarter than the remaining student body. And they decide to runaway.

Hijinks ensue. Or something. It was okay but not my thing.

Two stars

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