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November 2018 Summary: 12/01/18

Reading report

In two weeks my group will be meeting to discuss the middle grade short list for Cybils. As you can imagine, most of my reading for November was Cybils focused. December's reading will be split into two parts: final Cybils reading and then reading as many 2018 published books on hand that I've purchased but not read yet.

November's reading appears to be lower than October, though still higher than the summer months. What the number doesn't reflect is how many partial books I read for the Cybils. Some of these I will finish post Cybils and their numbers will be reflected in December or January.

With the second month of Cybils over, I have thirty-five books out from the library. Of that, twenty-seven of them are specifically for the Cybils.

November's reading was six less than September's. I missed my 50%+1 inclusive goal by five books. Most of my reading was dictated by the Cybils and by which ones the library got to the hold shelf for me to pick up first. There are a large number of diverse books in the nominations but they are the most popular ones at the library and were harder to get. Again, you'll see them reflected in December's reading. Thrice as many reviews were diverse as not.

I had hoped to end 2018 with no more 2016 reviews to post. I'm going to fall short of that goal and they will roll into January. My 2017 reviews though are at similarly small numbers as the remaining 2016.

With the year wrapping up, most of the review slots will be going to newly published books. My gap numbers will grow in December and December and by January I may very well still have some stragglers from 2016. At the moment I have twenty-one reviews leftover from 2016 and twenty-one from last year. From 2018 I have ninety-seven, again a reflection of reading for the Cybils.

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