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It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (February 18): 02/18/19

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?
Hosted by Kathryn of Book Date.

I had plans to go hiking to try out my new lens in the wild. The most I accomplished photographically was pictures in my yard and from my car. There were two reasons for this: torrential rain for the entire week, and my son home from the school for Tuesday through Thursday. With my husband traveling for business I didn't have much opportunity to get away for photography.

A shot of the moon during a brief break in the storm
A shot of the moon during a brief break in the storm

Dark eyed junco in my plum tree
A dark eyed junco enjoying a break from the rain

I did manage to make progress with my sketchbook. I have exactly one page left, plus the cover, should I decide to decorate it.

Great egret sketch in acrylic
Great egret from the sketchbook, done with acrylic paint.

Until Friday, my reading was pretty slow. More than half the books I finished this weekend. This week should be good for reading unless I end up down with the flu.

What I read:

  • Bellewether by Susanna Kearsley; personal collection
  • Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon; library book
  • Final Girl by Michelle Schusterman
  • Voltron Legendary Defender Volume 3: Absolution by Mitch Iverson; personal collection
  • The Golden Tresses of the Dead by Alan Bradley; personal collection
  • Buried in Books by Kate Carlisle; personal collection
  • The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles by Michelle Cuevas; library book
  • The 5 Misfits by Beatrice Alemagna; library book

What I'm reading:

  • Frazzled: Minor Incidents and Absolute Uncertainties by Booki Vivat; personal collection
  • Brave by Svetlana Chmakova; personal collection
  • Old City Hall by Robert Rotenberg; library book
  • Ghostbusters: Crossing Over by Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening (Illustrations); personal collection

Up Soon:

  • Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen; personal collection
  • The Cat of the Baskervilles by Vicki Delany; personal collection
  • Border Markers by Jenny Ferguson; personal collection
  • Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire by Susan Tan; library book

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