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FF0000: Orphans to the city by way of the interstate: 04/05/19

January book sources

The final journey an orphan traveler can take in the road narrative spectrum is to the city by way of the interstate or railroad. I have a link+ book coming that I believe qualifies for this category: Everywhere You Want to Be by Christina June (2018). In the meantime, I will describe how this category should work.

As one navigates through the narrative spectrum to more realistic locations and routes, one expects more realistic fiction, or even memoir or other forms of nonfiction.

Keeping in mind that the orphan is a lone traveler, and one without the agency to chose to travel at a whim, as the privileged traveler (00) can, the orphan traveler here is most likely a minor or someone who is otherwise unable to make travel arrangements.

The destination is the city. A child going to the city could be one being sent to an orphanage or to distant relatives. It's also possible that a child has been sent on the train or bus solo to vacation with relatives or trusted family friends. It could be a child going to school.

The route is by the straightest, most surefire method. It's either the railroad which takes people in on routes that can't be altered because of the nature of how trains work. Or it's by interstate which offer straight, fast road routes that for automobile travel offer the most efficient ways between cities (and the smaller destinations in between).

Possible scenarios could be a child put on a train to meet their new life in the city, a teen riding a bus or train to the city for school, camp, or job, or a teen hitchhiking to the city. There's also the possibility of a child being a stowaway or a kidnap victim. Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave by Jen White features sibling stowaways going home to a city by way of the interstate, which I will discuss further when I get to that category (CC0000).

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