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March 2019 Summary: 04/01/19

Reading report

March was also busy with art. I completed six gouache and acrylic paintings in the Climate Change series. I also taught a bunch of classes at the gallery. Both kids were also sick and of course I caught what they had, but not to the severity, thank goodness.

I read a bunch more library books this month, primarily as research for a summer camp I'll be teaching. Those books are bird and dinosaur focused and I didn't take authorship into consideration. Those books are why my not diverse reading is so much higher than last week.

I read 31 books in April, up from March's 25. I surpassed my 51% goal for diverse reading but only slightly, coming in at 58%, down from last month's 72% of all the books I read qualifying. At first glance, the majority of last mont's books were from the library. When looking at the research book, most of those came from my own collection. My reviews fell short of being 51% from diverse authors or featuring diverse characters. I missed the goal by three percent because I am still working through my backlog of reviews.

With three months of 2019 complete, I still have 11 reviews from 2016 reviews to post. That's down from last month's 13. My 2017 reviews are down to 14 from 16. I have 54 reviews remaining from 2018, down from 63, and 51, up from 36, now from 2019.

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