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The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn: 05/01/19

The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn

The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn by Carolyn Keene is the thirteenth of the Nancy Drew Diaries series. Nancy has been invited along to a wedding in Charleston. George's cousin is getting married and it's going to be a big to-do with a large wedding party and guest list.

To accommodate all of the wedding party, the entirety of the famous Grey Fox Inn has been booked. It's known for being haunted but there haven't been any sitings in years, that is until the first night of the wedding party's stay.

Besides the ghostly appearances, last minute details for the wedding seem to be going wrong. Flowers are canceled and changed, things have gone missing from rooms, and so forth. Each event adds to the stress between the families and the bride to be appears to at the edge of a breakdown.

The set up seemed like the start to a Scooby Doo mystery and that was actually a good thing. The ghostly appearances were less elaborate than what the Scooby Gang would have come across. But ultimately everything makes sense.

It was a fun read, one of the best in from the recent ones I've read. Book fourteen is Riverboat Roulette (2017).

Five stars

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