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CCCC99: Siblings to uhoria via the labyrinth: 06/06/19

CCCC99: Siblings to uhoria via the labyrinth.

The next trip to uhoria for sibling travels is via the labyrinth. For this narrative I don't have an exemplar. For this post I will be describing possible scenarios, rather than doing literary analysis.

The travelers are brothers and sisters. They could be children. They could be adults. In about half of the examples I've read, the siblings are adults, whether the genre is realistic or not.

These siblings can be blood relations but they don't have to be. For the blood relations, they are often twins, especially in the fantasy genres, where twinship adds extra power to a magic spell or prophesy.

The destination is uhoria — an out of sync destination. It could be a destination that is in the future or the past. It could be an unknowable time. It could be where time overlaps in layers. I could a haunted place. Or a place with time portals.

The route to uhoria in this narrative is through the labyrinth. Labyrinths are twisting paths that can be long and complex but are otherwise relatively safe. These twisting paths can be a form of meditation. They can be transformative.

Here are some possible narratives that fit into this spot on the spectrum. Siblings could travel through time by way of a garden labyrinth. Adopted siblings could be working at a haunted fun house. Twins could be separated through time, where one has to find the other by way of long complicated path.

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