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May 2019 Sources: 06/02/19

May book sources

I'm done reading for the summer camp and am now working on protoyping projects. The prototyping and the Mini Nature paintings will continue to cut into my reading time. But when I am reading, I will be focusing on my goals. I suspect that will mean reading fewer books but otherwise reading for the blog: a mixture of themes and reading for the road narrative project.

ROOB Score for the last three years

I read seven newly published books. All but one were from previous months. The month's score was mostly affected by the even split between personal collection, library, and research books.

ROOB score mapped year after year to compare trends

Five months in, the ROOB trendline continues downwards. May 2019's score was the same as it was in May 2016. Both of those months are in the middle of all the Mays since I've been tracking my reading in this way.

ROOB monthly averages

My average for May improved slightly from -2.51 to -2.56.

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