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A Murder for the Books: 06/12/19

A Murder for the Books

A Murder for the Books by Victoria Gilbert is the first of the Blue Ridge Library mysteries. It's set in a small town in Virginia that has a long history. Amy Webber is the library manager and she has one assistant librarian. The library also runs the town archive, and it's there that the body is found.

Meanwhile at home, Amy has a new neighbor, a dance instructor named Richard. He's charming and handsome and has Amy completely on edge. She's overweight and he's fit. She figures he's out her league.

The modern day murder and the arrival of Richard, brings to Amy's mind, an old murder case involving her family and the family next door. The wife was accused of poisoning her husband in the early 1920s. After she was released she disappeared and the town rumor was that it showed her guilt. But the evidence is there to exonerate the wife and it ties to the modern day murder in the archives.

This volume is a strong start to a new series. It was a great mixture of history, a cold case, a budding romance, and a modern day mystery. The second book in the series is Shelved Under Murder (2018).

Five stars

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