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Beat the Backlist 2020: 12/02/19

Beat the Backlist
Hosted by Austine of Novel Knight.

With the year wrapping up it's time to think about next year's reading goals. I am still actively reading and reviewing for 2019. I have finished my GoodReads goal of 300 and will set next year's goal once again at 300.

The Beat the Backlist goal, though, is focused on books published in previous years. My most basic goal for this challenge is to have half my reading be backlist. Numerically that would be a minimum of 150 books.

My focus, though, will be on the remaining books purchased in 2019 and 2018 that I've yet to read. While I won't limit myself to these books only, I'm posting my current list of TBR books and their release months for the last two years. I do have older books on hand I'd like to read but they are primarily in storage. Getting them out of storage, read, and weeded is another longer term goal.

For 2020, I plan to purchase fewer books. I know now from two years of doing this challenge how many new books I can easily read and review in a timely manner. I will do my best to keep my purchase numbers closer to that ceiling.

Below is my list of unread books from 2019 and 2018. I will cross them out as I read them. I will also add other books to the list as I read them, and will bold them.

TBR from 2019

  1. The Pretenders by Rebecca Hanover (December)
  2. Color Outside the Lines by Sangu Mandanna (November)
  3. A Constellation of Roses by Miranda Asebedo (November)
  4. Coral by Sara Ella (November)
  5. Invisible Kingdom, Vol. 1 by G. Willow Wilson (November)
  6. The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern
  7. The Burning Queen by Kathryn Lasky (October)
  8. Bury the Lede by Gaby Dunn (October)
  9. Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett (October)
  10. The Good Luck Girls by Charlotte Nicole Davis (October)
  11. The House of Brides by Jane Cockram (October)
  12. Jackpot by Nic Stone (October)
  13. Laughter at the Academy by Seanan McGuire (October)
  14. Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks by Jason Reynolds and Alexander Nabaum (October)
  15. Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All by Laura Ruby (October)
  16. The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams (September)
  17. Beverly, Right Here by Kate DiCamillo (September)
  18. How to Be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters (September)
  19. It's a Whole Spiel: Love, Latkes, and Other Jewish Stories by Katherine Locke (September)
  20. More to the Story by Hena Khan (September)
  21. No Judgments by Meg Cabot (September)
  22. Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall (September)
  23. Some Places More Than Others by Renée Watson (September)
  24. Well Met by Jen DeLuca (September)
  25. Best Friends by Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham (August)
  26. Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton (August)
  27. I'm Not Dying with You Tonight by Kimberly Jones, Gilly Segal (August)
  28. The Killing Tide by Dani Pettrey (August)
  29. Blastaway by Melissa Landers (July)
  30. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman (July)
  31. The Last Book Party by Karen Dukess (July)
  32. Minor Mage by T. Kingfisher (July)
  33. The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead (July)
  34. School-Tripped by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm (July)
  35. Montauk by Nicola Harrison (June)
  36. Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune by Roselle Lim (June)
  37. Queen of the Sea by Dylan Meconis (June)
  38. This Time Will Be Different by Misa Sugiura (June)
  39. Those People by Louise Candlish (June)
  40. Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey (June)
  41. Wanderers by Chuck Wendig (June)
  42. X Marks The Spot - A Nonbinary Anthology by Theo Hendrie (June)
  43. Birds by the Shore: Observing the Natural Life of the Atlantic Coast by Jennifer Ackerman (May)
  44. Don't Date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno (May)
  45. Five Unicorn Flush by T.J. Berry (May)
  46. Malamander by Thomas Taylor (May)
  47. No Place Like Here by Christina June (May)
  48. The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay (May)
  49. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston (May)
  50. These Witches Don't Burn by Isabel Sterling (May)
  51. All For One by Melissa de la Cruz (April)
  52. The Ash Family by Molly Dektar (April)
  53. Belly Up by Eva Darrows and Hillary Monahan (April)
  54. Earth to Charlie by Justin Olson (April)
  55. Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan (April)
  56. Kazu Jones and the Denver Dognappers by Shauna Holyoak (April)
  57. Love & Other Curses by Michael Thomas Ford (April)
  58. The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott (April)
  59. Share Your Smile: Raina's Guide to Telling Your Own Story by Raina Telgemeier (April)
  60. Starworld by Audrey Coulthurst and Paula Garner (April)
  61. The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick (March)

TBR from 2018

  1. My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life by Rachel Cohn (December)
  2. Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield (December)
  3. My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite (November)
  4. Damsel by Elana K. Arnold (October)
  5. Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (October)
  6. Home and Away by Candice Montgomery (October)
  7. In Your Shoes by Donna Gephart (October)
  8. Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts) by Lev A.C. Rosen (October)
  9. The Library Book by Susan Orlean (October)
  10. Lu by Jason Reynolds (October)
  11. Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver (October)
  12. Copyboy by Vince Vawter (August)
  13. The Golden State by Lydia Kiesling (August)

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