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Float Plan: 04/05/21

Float Plan

Float Plan by Trish Doller is a romance set in the Caribbean. Anna is facing the year anniversary of her fiancé's suicide. Ben and she had planned to take their Alberg to a series of islands. Now on the anniversary Anna has decided to set out by herself. When she runs aground on her first day, Anna realizes she needs help and hires Keane Sullivan.

Keane Sullivan is looking for one last chance to prove himself before his thirtieth birthday. He'd had a promising career in sailing before losing his leg in a tragic accident. Since then he hasn't been able to find reliable work. His prosthesis weirds out most employers.

The yet to be named Alberg is as much a character as Anna and Keane. For the first two thirds or maybe even three quarters of Float Plan, the ship is in a love triangle with Keane for Anna's affections. With the ship being so important the narrative is detail rich in what it takes to live on a ship and navigate it both across open water and in and around island harbors.

I ended up reading Float Plan with Google Maps opened. Each destination mentioned, I would look up. Sometimes I would even take a moment away from reading to do some desktop exploration. I thoroughly enjoyed the attention to detail both in terms of the Alberg and for the sense of place.

Of course, this book is ultimately a romance. It's a nice, satisfying slow burn. As it takes place during a journey, there's a similar emotional vibe to Paladin's Strength by T. Kingfisher (2021) but with a realistic, contemporary setting.

Five stars

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