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Heartstopper: Volume Three: 08/02/22

Heartstopper: Volume Two

Heartstopper: Volume Three by Alice Oseman is there to set up tension for the next big arc after the relatively easy going volume two. It's set primarily during a class trip to Paris, which from Britain is a very different beast than when leaving from California!

Nick and Charlie decided at the close of the last book to be boyfriends. Now they are reveling in the excitement of being a new couple. But Nick still needs to decide how public he wants to be about his relationship with Charlie.

To fill things out — and it really does feel like filler coming two volumes in — Nick begins to realize that Charlie isn't eating much on the school trip. It's revealed that he has struggled with disordered eating and cutting the year he was first outed as gay.

Volume Four came out in 2021.

Three stars

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